Wikis in Education

Click here for the self-guided wiki workshop lab session.

Wikispaces Tutorial

Wikispaces Tutorial UPDATED
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Widgetize Your Wiki

Click here to learn about Wikispaces stylesheet, themes, and page formatting to add cool elements like scrolling banners, page color, embedded websites, etc.

Read this document on Scribd: Widgets for Your Wiki

Overview of Wikis

Wikis in Plain English

What Value Do Educators See in Wikis?

Students Explain How They Integrated Wikis and Blogs

Wikipedia: Schools' FAQ
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Thinking about setting up a wiki?

Wikispaces (wiki host, ad-free educational wikis)
PB Wiki (wiki host, ad-free educational wikis)
WetPaint (wiki host, ad-free educational wikis)

Wikispaces is now offering add-free wikis for teachers

Examples of Wikis in Education

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