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Collaboration Applications

Wikispaces (wiki host, ad-free educational wikis)
PB Wiki (wiki host, ad-free educational wikis)
WetPaint (wiki host, ad-free educational wikis)
Google Docs (productivity and collaboration suite)
Zoho Suite (productivity and collaboration suite)
Gliffy (collaborative diagraming and brainstorming) (collaborative diagraming and brainstorming)
MindMeister (collaborative diagraming and brainstorming)
Mindomo (collaborative diagraming and brainstorming)

Education in Second Life

Games in Education

Ohio University Second Life Campus

Learning in 3D- Virutal Social Worlds and the Future of Learning

Training Simulations in Second Life

EdTech Island - Boise State University

Saint Joseph's University in Second Life

Discussion 3: How might virtual learning environments change the way you teach?

Blog 3: Classroom Web Sites