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What is Glogster.com?

  • Mix graphics, photos, videos, music and text into slick Glogs. Glog yourself every day!
  • Amaze your friends - send others links to your Glogs.
  • Have fun browsing Glogs, comment on other people's Glogs and get inspiration

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Why Glogster for education?

Glogster is proud to present Glogster.com/edu, a NEW addition to the site for all your educational needs! This is just the first step in making education and technology more engaging for educators and students! We will continue to add more and more features and improvements to make sure all your educational needs are fulfilled! Feel free to give us any feed back that you think would make this site better for educators and students.
  1. Glogster is also a perfect web 2.0 tool for your learning and your WIKIs
  2. Glogster gives support and help with creating school accounts and keeping Glogs PRIVATE
  3. Glogster brings updates based on your feedback. Glogster is Yours!

Classroom Benefits

  1. A fun learning experience
  2. A new way to express creativity
  3. Private, secure, safe virtual classroom monitored by teachers
  4. Drives new interest levels around subjects that may have been seen as “boring” before
  5. Adds needed audiovisual aspects to traditionally text-oriented subjects
  6. Fosters teamwork and collaboration with classmates
  7. Increases drive to be independently creative
  8. Unlimited shelf life
  9. Improves student-teacher relationships by allowing both to explore Web 2.0 & learning concepts together
  10. Keeps teachers and students up to date with modern technology


Glogster How-To Guide

(Thanks to Traci Blazosky for allowing me to embed her Glogster Tutorial and How-To Guide. Visit Traci's wiki at http://ktitraci.wikispaces.com/)

Click here for a Glogster tutorial
Glogster EDU Tutorial
Click here for another tutorial
How to create a Glog

Examples of Glogs