Weaving the Story of Learning - Digital Storytelling

For more digital storytelling tools and student-created samples, check out my DigiStory 2.0 page, Alan Levin's 50+ Ways to Tell a Story and Wesley Fryer's Mapping Media to the Curriculum.

Dr. Lodge McCammon's FIZZ Paper Slide Videos

Online Resources and Research

Daniel Pink - A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future
Chapter Five: Story

Storyboarding & Storymapping Resources

Primary Source Resources

Examples of Digital Stories

Scaffolding Ideas

These are some ideas for scaffolding steps to empower students to create their own documentaries. They are also valuable instructional higher-order stand-alone activities.
  • Stories from one image
  • Stories from a sequence of images
  • Stories from a sequence of images with specified persona
  • Stories from a muted video clip
  • Stories from a muted video clip or sequence of images with background sound
  • Stories with student-found images and set narrative
  • Stories with student-found images and student-created narrative

Storytelling Ideas

  • PSA – Public Service Announcement
  • Breaking News or Olds Broadcasts
  • “Movie” Trailer (book, article, historical era or event, etc.)
  • Reenactment / Living History
  • Oral History
  • Documentary or Docu-Drama
  • Virtual Tour
  • Story told from the perspective of an object

Tutorials and Resources

Atomic Learning Tutorial - Windows Movie Maker
Microsoft Windows Movie Maker How-Tos
WikiHow: How to Chroma Key in Movie Maker
Atomic Learning Windows Movie Maker 2 - Video Tutorials
Chroma Key in Movie Maker
Photo Story - Help and How To
Windows Live Movie Maker 2011
Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 - How To Education Guide
Download Windows Live Movie Maker
Download the Windows Live Movie Maker Getting Started guide (Portable Document Format file, 1 MB)
Download this Step-by-Step instructional guide. (Microsoft Office Word document, 768 KB)
iMovie '09 Tutorial
Apple "Find Out How" - iMovie
Green Screen (Chroma Key) in iMovie '09
Apple iMovie '09 Tutorials
iMovie 2011

.MOV Files in iMovie '09

Green Screening in iMovie '09

iMovie '09 Basics

Layering Audio in iMovie '09

Changing Video Speed and Direction in iMovie '09

Picture-in-Picture with iMovie '09

Pinnacle Studio DV

Capturing Video from VHS, DVD, or DV camcorder in Pinnacle Studio

Editing Video with Pinnacle Studio DV

Green Screen Chroma Keying in Pinnacle Studio

Online Resources

Online Video Editors

Video Hosting

Image Editors

Image Resources

Audacity (Sound Editor)

Audio Resources

Digital Storytelling with Web 2.0

Visit my Digital Storytelling 2.0 page

For my inspiration and even more digital storytelling tools, check out Alan Levin's 50+ Ways to Tell a Story

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