Challenge Based Learning / Project Based Learning

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Apple: Challenge Based Learning

Buck Institute for Education

Buck Institute for Education - PBL DIY

Intel Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches

Edutopia – Core Concept: Project Learning

Edutopia – Teaching Module: Project Based Learning

ASCD Educational Leadership: Project Based Learning

Challenge Based Learning White Paper

Challenge Based Learning: An Approach For Our Time
A Research Report from the New Media Consortium

Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow – Today (ACOT2) White Paper

Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow – Today (ACOT2) Design Principles

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students Implementation Wiki

Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age
Authors: Suzie Boss & Jane Krauss ISBN 978-1-56484-238-1

Intel Education - Designing Effective Projects

Edutopia: You Can Do It! PBL Best Practices

Project Exemplars

Apple: CBL Sample Challenges



The Globe Program


Taking IT Global

The Future is Mine

Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge

Progressive Fuel Our Future Now

3M Young Scientist Challenge

Flat Classrooms Project

A Week in the Life: A Flat Classrooms Project for students aged 8-10

Eracism Project


Digiteen Project

NetGenEd Project (replacement for the Horizon Project)

Polar Bears International

Elementary School PBL Exemplar - Seeds and Plants

High School PBL Exemplar - Global Warming

Elementary / Middle School Exemplar - Waste Management

Elementary / Middle School Exemplar - Folktales and Culture

Assessment Resources

BIE - Plan the Assessment

Apple CBL Process - Assessment & Implement and Assess

Intel Teach Elements - Integrate Assessment Module


4Teachers - PBL Checklist

Project Foundry

Intel Education - Assessment Projects

Edutopia: Classroom Guide - Top Ten Tips for Assessing Project-Based Learning

Project Management & Publication Resources

Diigo – Social Bookmarking & Collaboration

Evernote – Annotation & Collaboration


Edmodo – Communication & Document Sharing

Glogster EDU – MultiMedia Publication

Go Animate! – Animated Cartoons

VoiceThread – MultiMedia Publication & Commenting

Google Docs – Collaborative Document Management

Wikispaces – Collaborative Resource Sharing, Publication, & Communication – Collaborative Mindmapping

Gliffy – Collaborative Mindmapping

Cacoo - Collaborative Mindmapping

Google Calendar – Collaborative Calendar

Animoto – Online Video Creation

Skype – VOIP

TodaysMeet - Private Chat Rooms

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