Do You Have the Audacity to Podcast?

Step 1: Installing and formatting Audacity

Only if you are installing Audacity for the FIRST time on your PC or Mac.

Read this document on Scribd: Audacity Installation and Tutorials

Step 2: Navigating the software

Note: GarageBand is part of the iLife suite and will already be installed on all Apple computers. Click here to view the GarageBand podcasting tutorial. Atomic Learning has some great GarageBand tutorials for GarageBand 09 and GarageBand 08 (subscription).

Step 3: Uncovering applications for podcasting

Visit a few of these sites to gain some ideas about using podcasting with your students.

Download Tony Vincent's FREE Podcasting Booklet

Step 4: Listen to some podcasts

Step 5: Create your first podcast

Review Tony Vincent's Steps for Creating Podcasts

Steps to Creating a Podcast with Audacity:
  1. Write your script
  2. Rehearse
  3. Record your audio with Audacity
  4. Normalize your audio (Effect > Normalize)
  5. Add and credit legally modified music/audio/sound effects (see step 6 for audio resources)
  6. Save - File > Save Project
  7. Export as MP3 - File > Export as MP3

Steps to Creating an Audio Podcast with GarageBand:
  1. Create a new podcast project
  2. Record your voice in a Real instrument track (or, use the Male Voice or Female Voice track)
  3. Add music, jingles, stingers, and sound effects
  4. Show the podcast track
  5. Add chapter markers and titles
  6. Add artwork, URLs, and URL titles
  7. Share the podcast by sending it to iTunes or iWeb or exporting it to disk

Steps to Creating a Video Podcast with GarageBand:
  1. Import the movie to a GarageBand podcast project from the Media Browser
  2. Create a soundtrack (add voice to Real instrument layer, add loops, record instruments, etc.)
  3. Add and edit markers
  4. Add URLs, URL titles, and chapter titles to markers
  5. Send the move to iWeb or iDVD, or export it as a QuickTime movie

Resources: (see more tutorials in Step 2: Navigating the Software above)

Step 6: Add audio

Step 7: Publish your podcast

Additional Resources

Scoring Podcasts

Finding Existing Podcasts

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